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 Lien Son Corporation
NOISE AND VIBRATION CONTROL. Comply with municipal noise ordinances, conform to TCVN standards, or achieve occupant comfort.

INDUSTRIAL NOISE ABSORBERS: Perforated Metal Panel, Fiberglass Blanket, Ceiling Sound Baffle, Outdoor Sound Curtains, Wipeable Absorption Panel, Molded Fiberglass Board, Acoustical Foam. See Noise Absorber Products.

NOISE BARRIER: Mass-loaded vinyl barrier material adds a layer of reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side increased mechanical strength, weatherability, and improved fire retardancy. See Noise Barrier Products.

VIBRATION CONTROL: Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems, Pipe Isolation Saddles and Clamps, Vibration Damping, Flexible Ductwork Connections. See Vibration Control Products.

FIBERGLASS, FOAM, AND BARRIER COMPOSITES.Rigid Barrier Walls, Acoustic Metal Enclosures Flexible Noise Control Curtains, Outdoor Sound Curtains, Acoustical Fiberglass Blanket, Acoustical Fiberglass Barrier, Acoustical Foam Barrier. See Absorber/Barrier Products.

AIR CONTROL: Duct Silencers, Plenums and Louvers. See Air Control Products.