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I have understood the information associated with this project provided to me by the researcher.
I have been given the opportunity to ask questions to clarify the activity and the nature of my participation.
I voluntarily agree to take part in the study.
I understand that I can withdraw from the project / activity at any time and I do not need to justify it. I understand that if I withdraw from the study, all data related to me will be destroyed. However, once published, my withdrawal will no longer be possible.
I understand that my test results may be used in publications, reports, and other research outputs, but my name will not be used.
The confidentiality and anonymity of my participation have been explained to me.
The type of data recorded in the activity and how it will be used has been explained.
I agree with the data being stored for analysis and am satisfied that it is stored anonymously.

Questionnaire: Received affective quality
For eachi of 8 scales below, to what extend do you agree or disagree that present surrounding soud environment is...
Please tick off one response alternative per scale